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Cabin Off The Beaten Path

Our Off The Beaten Path Cabin is located in the idyllic setting of the Goričko region. Here, you can find a retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle, and enjoy your peace and quiet and a breath of fresh air. A true gem of luxury, the cabin is sure to please the most discerning of taste: all those who want something more. 

The Goričko nature park is full of hiking and cycling trails. Here you can still meet people who like a friendly chat.

In the winter, you can warm up next to a real fireplace or have a candlelit bath in a whirlpool tub. On the stove just like the ones our grandmas used to have, you can make potica – a traditional Slovenian cake, or prepare a delicious meal.

The cabin is styled after Canadian log homes, and provides a lot of natural light. You will feel as if instead of in a living area, you were resting on a clearing on the edge of a forest. The bathroom comes with a whirlpool tub and a massage shower panel, the kitchen is French style. Down to the last detail, everything comes from the heart.

A slice of heaven for the indulgent soul.

If it should still happen that boredom starts to kick in, the Terme 3000 spa in MoravskeToplice is just a 10-minute drive away.

The Cabin Off The Beaten Path is a perfect place for

But especially for those who love the Slovenian countryside and the pristine nature you can still find in the Goričko region.