Koča na samem


Are you dreaming of sunlit green rolling hills? Of charming paths winding through the picturesque Goričko landscape? Or perhaps of friendly locals who still take time for a chat?

Then the Cabin Off The Beaten Path is just the place for you.

Where birds sing of flowers in the meadow, and where the murmur of a stream fills the air – this is where you find the Cabin OffThe Beaten Path.

Experience the truly special mornings, watch nature literally wake up from its daily sleep, taste mornings so gentle and dewy they will tickle your heart.

Have a day without the usual stress, spend it in the company of butterflies, listening to birdsong, the whisper of trees and the murmur of the stream.

Watch genuinely magnificent sunsets. Find your own cabin… Find the Cabin Off The Beaten Path and experience your fairy-tale.

What The Cabin Off The Beaten Path has to offer?

– a living area with a wonderful view, where you feel as if you were sitting outside on a clearing in the forest, and with a wood-burning fireplace, which you can use to heat the entire cabin

– a kitchen with all the modern appliances you need, but also with an authentic wood-burning stove just like the ones our grandmas used to have (where meals can be nothing short of luscious)

– a very big bathroom, in fact a real slice of luxury (with a whirlpool tub and a massage shower panel)

– 1 separate bedroom, and an open loft for shared sleeping

– WC and a pantry

– Siol-TV package and wireless internet

– alarm protection

– a big garden (1 hectare)

– playground equipment

– a deer pan

– ample parking space

– and so much more

Choose among these activities:

– hiking (the famed Sweet trail or simply rambling around the nearby forests and meadows)

– cycling (bicycles can be rented out from the Tourist Information Centre in Moravske Toplice)

– mushrooming

– fishing (Lake Bukovnica)

– sledging, for your youngest ones (in winter, naturally)

– picnicking on an out-of-the-way meadow

– or something even better you may think of

Or simply stay in The Cabin Off The Beaten Path and enjoy

– a rest in the garden in the company of deer

– a candlelit bubble bath, alone or with someone you love

– a good book on a deckchair by the pond, with a refreshing drink

– sunbathing on a clearing

– great food, which you can prepare in a kitchen where cooking is bliss, and serve on the terrace at sunset

– a picnic in the garden with your dearest ones

– an invigorating nap

– the crackle of fire in the fireplace on a cold day with a cup of hot tea or mulled wine

Discover the beauty of The Goričko region

– Časar’s Mill in Berkovci

– Honey-bread confectionery Celec in Ratkovci

– the Rotunda church in Selo

– Lake Bukovnica

– The Terme 3000 spa in Moravske Toplice

– Plečnik’s church in Bogojina

All of these are accessible on foot or by bicycle.